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The Globetrotting Business Consultant

I spent most of  2008 travelling around the world doing business consultancy with BT, visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. It would be a crying shame if I didn’t take any photographs in these exotic locations, so here you go!

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Hong Kong


Sri Lanka

Going home, May 2008

I needed a holiday so I went home to Scotland. For once, the sun shone and I got some photographs that I’m pleased enough with to share with you.

St Fillans, Perthshire

Anstruther & Isle of May,
Firth of Forth

Loch Lomond

Boat of Garten,

Western Canada, July 2007

My main trip of 2007 was my visit to Western Canada in July. It was a wonderful journey - I felt really at home in Vancouver, and I feel like I could move over there tomorrow. It has everything - within a few minutes walk from Downtown you can be on the beach, or in the heart of an ancient forest. 30% of the people are of Chinese origin, but you never sense any racial tension.

Although it rained quite a lot on my trip up the Inside Passage of the BC coast, that lifted my heart too. It's good in this day and age, to know that there are still places where you can get away from it all. To be able to travel for hundreds of miles, and only see a few houses and no roads. I think that's part of what I like so much about Vancouver - a major world city, with all the goings on and facilities you can ask for, but when you feel like it, you could go away for the weekend, and be in a world that's hardly touched by human hands.

Finally I took the train across the Rockies, and spent a few days in and around Jasper, Alberta. There the sun shone, and the beauty of the scenery took my breath away. I walked for miles around Maligne Lake, and in the hills above the town of Jasper.

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Vancouver Island, Inside Passage & The Skeena

Jasper National Park

Photographs from my Silk Road trip, 1996

I made this trip back in June 1996.  I took over 600 slides, and I always meant to get the best ones on the web. I had scanned the best 100 or so, but wasn’t very happy with the quality, so I never took it any further. But now with easy-to-use applications like Picasa, I’ve been able to rescue them, and here are the best of the bunch, along with a map and my trip diary.

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Other trips 2004 - 2006

Nova Scotia,
October 2006

April 2006

October 2005

Lake Titicaca & The Inca Trail,
Summer 2005

October 2004


I also upload the very best of my photographs to TrekEarth. The underlying theme of TrekEarth is learning more about the world through photography. TrekEarth fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions, and allows registered members to critique each others’ photographs.

Anyone can look at the photographs uploaded to this site, and view the comments others have made on them. However if you wish to leave your own comments (which would be much appreciated!), you’ll have to register as a member.